In Search of the Quiet Mind

Our mission at Quiet Mind is to reduce stress and promote mind-life balance through the practice of Mindful Reflection.™

There’s more to a truly quiet mind than relaxation – or even the calm of meditation and yoga, which are all about feeling well. Rather, Mindful Reflection™ focuses on feeling everything. As practical as it might seem to avoid unpleasantness, it turns out to be impossible. You never know what’s coming. Accepting this unwelcome fact is the first step to managing your unease.

Still, it’s not easy; we instinctively avoid or even deny what we don’t like even though it drives anxiety into the subconscious – beyond reach. Only one person can delve unobstructedly into your own mind, and that’s you. That fact alone, however, doesn’t guarantee self-knowledge. Getting to the root of anxiety and the stress-response requires attention focused inward — insight. Physical and mental calm is the first step, but for lasting results it must be followed by the ongoing work of self-examination.

Religion, science, belief systems and self-help books offer competing theories of how you ‘should’ be. Even when they have a point, they don’t necessarily help. Life is not a theory; whatever your dilemma, practical solutions require clear insight. No one else can give that to you.

The regular practice of Mindful Reflection™ trains your focus and helps you keep your attention on the things that matter, and that can be changed. By cultivating a non-judgmental attitude towards your own thoughts and feelings, perceptions and fears, you transform your relationship with stress and gradually free yourself from it. Self-awareness makes you increasingly able to deal with issues that formerly trapped you.

Mindful Reflection™ isn’t magic; rather, it’s an acquired skill. Because it takes shape in your own mind it’s profoundly effective; once begun, it grows from strength to strength.