Fall 2011 Workshop

Freedom to be Honest
—the ultimate letting go

You probably consider youself an honest person – more or less – but are you really yourself in all situations? We all fudge the truth from time to time. Little white lies help smooth social relations and protect children from things we think they shouldn’t know. And then there’s the way we relate to one another. University of Massachusetts Psychologist Robert Feldman found that 60 percent of adults lied at least once during a 10-minute conversation. With that sort of frequency, even trivial lies corrode trust and intimacy.

Very little of this has anything to do with guile or premeditated deception. We lie to manage the way others see us — occasionally to impress but more often to conform to the way we think others would like us to be. We become so engaged in trying to manage their perceptions of us that truth and fiction become muddied in our own minds. This lays a foundation for all sorts of denial.

Mindful Reflection™ is based on the Buddha’s observation that stress is rooted in the way we see ourselves, something that Feldman’s research shows humans are not at all clear about. Insight meditation is all about understanding your mind and how it works. Anyone who’s practiced it will recognize these findings from their own experience.

In this workshop, we’ll examine the ways we hide from ourselves and learn to bring denial up from the subconscious into the full light of day. Our goal is mental clarity. Just as denial lies at the root of all stress, a clear mind gives you the chance to be yourself and the freedom to be honest — the ultimate letting go.

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