A Note to Returning Students

As each workshop draws to a close I’m often asked, “Will the next sessions be the same, or different?”

Well … both. The essence of every session is the same – to slow the mind to the point where the torrent of inner dialogue settles down to a manageable trickle, and to apply Mindful Reflection™ to that new pace. It’s not about acquiring new information but letting go of lifelong mental habits.

In some traditions meditation is described as not-doing. Instead of trying to come up with solutions, you watch and wait. Instead of trying to dominate life, you admit your insecurities and discover genuine strength. Instead of attaching yourself fearfully to others, you open yourself to unconditional love and compassion. The essence of mind-training lies not in making yourself perfect but in relaxing completely into the transient skin of what you really are – a product of circumstances with a chance to adapt your response.

My role is not to teach but to prompt, nudge and cajole. Our meditation sessions bring together people of like mind into a space free of pretence. All the answers are within you, but they have little to do with analysis and explanations. I can’t tell you where you're going. All I can do is help you keep your balance. The words and stories I use arise from the creative circumstances of each day and each recollection, so they’re always different, but they’re always about the same thing – life.

Stephen Schettini
December 2007